discovering the endless options in photography business

I've worked as a photographer/entrepreneur for almost two years now. A lot have changed since I've started my business and my photographic journey has taken huge leaps forward, that I couldn't even imagine!

When I started my photography business I thought I would be photographing children and their families, maybe some portraits here and there. But when I actually dived in to the world of commercial photography I was surprised how many options I had; beginning from choosing categories of services and their subcategories, and the endless selection of photographic styles to provide to the clients. Not to mention the technical side of photography which gives its own spice to the end result,

which is a PHOTO.

The ups and downs

I must say that I've tried oh so many things during these two year... Photographing in all kinds categories, all kinds of clients, varying styles and trying out new techniques while shooting or in editing. I've been excited when discovering some amazing ways to photograph, sometimes by accident, sometimes by learning through hard work. I've been frustrated to find my own style and struggling to keeping a good work flow and private life in balance. I've sometimes forgotten the very essence of my WHY and lost my creativity and instead tried to please everybody with my work.


But little by little and understanding that this is a long journey, ever evolving, and nothing needs to stay the same forever.

I've gradually found some categories I like to photograph more than others, such as people over products. And families over babies. I've also discovered that I love the stories photography can narrate, thus documentary photography is definitely my niche. I love shooting outdoors, in different locations, in changing seasons and using nature as a prop. I learned that I enjoy capturing love and familial interactions, thus photographing life events such as weddings is wonderful. The days are long and the editing process even longer, but the authentic moments and emotions that I get to witness and preserve is so worth it!

Keeping my heart open

Even though I've found few of my favorite things to shoot and some good ways to work in the field of photography, I still don't want limit my work or clientele too much. I want to keep my heart open of for new opportunities, because I think that is the only way to keep things fresh and fun for a long time and to be surprised by new and cool ways to do the thing I love the most, which is PHOTOGRAPHY!

xx JM